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Kistler Financial Insurance Group Inc.

Clockwise from top left: Umbrella, open
and closed, hang tags (front and back), announcement card and letter.

THE CHALLENGE: Give a decades-old collateral insurance firm a new tagline, stronger message and a better story. The goal was to reach larger banks and credit unions by leveraging Kistler’s excellent track record with smaller financial institutions.

OUR SOLUTION: Working extensively with internal staff and clients, we uncovered their secret - that although 80-90% of most insurance can be written and covered by almost any agency, Kistler always went the extra mile to help their clients. Therefore, their new tagline emerged as “Kistler Financial Insurance Group, Inc. Covering the basics. Mastering the exceptions.” With this tagline and a unique core story, we launched their new marketing message: announcements, emails, and a letter, culminating with a customized umbrella with two different hangtags promoting Kistler, one to existing clients and one to prospects. The campaign also included a customized PowerPoint sales presentation.

THE OUTSTANDING RESULTS: Kistler now has a clear and appealing story to tell the larger banks, and the marketing materials, including the umbrella, are already proving successful with prospective clients.