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Back row from left: Pocket folder, corporate capabilities sheet (front and back), presentation cover.
Front row from left: Corporate envelope, letterhead, products and services sheet, business card.
Bottom: website homepage

Kistler Financial Insurance Group Inc.

WHO THEY ARE: A 60-year old collateral insurance firm working with banks, credit unions and other lending institutions.

WHAT THEY NEEDED: A way to reach larger banks and credit unions, as well as other financial industries, by leveraging Kistler’s excellent track record with smaller financial institutions.

WHAT THEY GOT: A new marketing message, a new tagline and all new print collateral and website. Their tagline represents their history of going the extra mile for their customers: “Kistler Financial Insurance Group, Inc. Covering the basics. Mastering the exceptions.”

WHY THEY LOVED IT: Kistler now has a clear and appealing story to tell the larger banks and lending institutions, and all of their marketing efforts clearly reflect their brand and their commitment to their customers. Their new professional look and materials have also enabled them to penetrate previously inaccessible additional markets.