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KTM Roofing Company, Inc.

Back row from left: Cover of pocket folder; interior of sales brochure; cover of sales brochure; interior of pocket folder filled with materials. Front row, left to right: front and back of ‘Roofing Tips’ sheet; ‘Key Points of Your Roofing Project’ sheet; business card; Customer Appreciation card; Customer Satisfaction Survey sheet; letterhead.

WHO THEY ARE: A successful roofing contractor with 25 years in business.

WHAT THEY NEEDED: A package of materials emphasizing their history, integrity and track record, to attract customers and help KTM stand out from its competitors.

WHAT THEY GOT: A custom pocket folder with a variety of materials including brochure, educational roofing tips and roofing terms sheets, advertising campaigns and a completely revamped website. All promotional efforts include the tag line “Raising Roofing Standards since 1984” – creating the needed emphasis on longevity and credibility.

WHY THEY LOVED IT: The many images of homes and buildings that KTM has roofed in the Atlanta area lend authenticity and architectural variety to the materials and the website. And best of all, their sales have steadily increased every year since we began working with them – even in economic downturns.

UPDATE: Since we began working with KTM in 2004, we have refreshed their logo twice, redesigned, updated and optimized their website, and created three generations of printed materials, the most recent one a new brochure (shown here to the left in the center) in summer of 2009.