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Anjer Constructions

Many of our clients have been in business for many years and already have a recognizable brand, but we are finding that their logos and brands need to be "renewed" or "refreshed" – not completely redesigned. Hence this new section, starting with Anjer Construction. You can see their complete new identity package in logos.

Check out their previous business card on the left and compare it with their new one. Note the fresh new look, the improved logo icon, better font and cleaner look overall. Everything has been renewed to appeal to Anjer's upper-income, residential clients.

In addition to their logo and identity, we've created a new tagline, T-shirts, and signage, and worked with their web designer on a complete renewal of their website. We even designed a logo for their 25th anniversary year (below)!

Clockwise from top left: Old business card, new business card, 25th anniversary logo, back of T-shirt, tagline as seen on back of shirt, outdoor project signage.